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Exclusiv - 5-star caravanning

Get out into nature, enjoy the fresh wind and air but with style and no compromise on comfort. That is what the Exclusiv stands for. High-quality materials, modern overhead locker doors with 3D decoration elements, dimmable and ambient lighting and beautiful details give some aesthetics and comfort. Pure cooking fun is promised by the GourmetPlus kitchen. The dimmable illumination in the living area and the corner head rests in the lounge invite to lay down and relax and enjoy the stylish evenings. The stylish ambience outside is highlighted by the illuminated Chrome decoration strip over the complete sidewall. When you love comfort you also will love the Exclusiv.

Richard Angerer 1
Richard Angerer • Caravan product manager, ardent caravaner

Everything about this caravan should be exclusive – this was our goal during its development. The result is this spacious marvel which exudes all-round elegance and delivers comfort and luxurious equipment for every season. And for winter campers, I would highly recommend the Exclusiv model.



  • Exclusive ambience: ambient lighting and illuminated kitchen splash wall
  • Exclusive design: exterior with chic Details like draw bar cover, chrome trim lines and illuminated LED trim line on awning side
  • Easy entry: Coupé entry with extra wide entrance door
  • Gourmet holidays at its best: GourmetPlus kitchen with 4-flames gas hob and lots of space for the meal preparation
  • Wide selection: Upholstery niftily stitched, or leather upholstery (option) in combination with classy wood décor
Icon Tempo100
Agile travelling - with caravans that go up to 100 km/h
Icon PremiumChassis Cara
Safety on the road: Brand chassis from safety experts
Icon AKS
Safety clutch: Stabilises rolling and pitching movements
Icon AAA Brake
Safety on the road: Thanks to the outstanding deceleration values and automated re-adjustment
Icon GFK Cara
Vehicle roof made of robust GRP – protects from unusual weather conditions
Icon Eingangstuer 70cm
Inviting: 70 cm wide XXL entrance door
Icon AirPlus
For a healthy room climate: Optimum ventilation of the overhead lockers avoids condensation
Icon GourmetKuechencenter 5Sterne
More cooking comfort: 4-flame powerful stove, lots of storage space and many shelves
Icon Kuehlschrank 142l
Cool tower! Extra large fridge with min 142 l and 15 l freezer compartment
Icon Kuehlschrank 175l
Cool tower! Extra large fridge with min 175 l and 31 l freezer compartment
Icon Schlafen
SleepWell: Fixed beds with 7-zone mattresses with ergonomic wooden slatted bed frames
Icon Einsaeulen Hubtisch
More legroom: One-leg telescopic table with easy lowering function for converting the lounge to bed
Icon DIDI HappyFamily
Happy family: Layouts with bunk beds - ideal for families. Up to three bunk beds available as an option.
Icon Coupe Einstieg
Easy entrance: Thanks to the lowered Coupé entrance
Icon Raumbad
Elbow room: The separate shower and the wash area can be connected to a large bathroom (dep. on layout)


550 ER
Dethleffs Grundriss
Maximum weight:
1800 kg
Sleeping berths max.:
560 FR
Dethleffs Grundriss
Maximum weight:
1800 kg
Sleeping berths max.:
650 RET
Dethleffs Grundriss
Maximum weight:
2200 kg
Sleeping berths max.:
730 FKR
Dethleffs Grundriss
Maximum weight:
2200 kg
Sleeping berths max.:
760 DR
Dethleffs Grundriss
Maximum weight:
2200 kg
Sleeping berths max.:
760 ER
Dethleffs Grundriss
Maximum weight:
2200 kg
Sleeping berths max.:

Aus technischen Gründen werden die Preise der aktuell aufgeführten Fahrzeuge inkl. 19% MwSt, zzgl. Zulassungsdokumente und Fracht zum Handelsbetrieb vor Ort ausgewiesen.
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Cooking, Living, Sleeping, Bathroom
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    Quick step to the market and then cook like chefs in the GourmetPlus kitchen (with illuminated splash wa
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    The spacious U-shaped lounge with a steady, height-adjustable one-leg telescopic table invites to a romantic dinner for two
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    The optional frame windows provide an optimal insulation even with freezing temperatures
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    Supple leather cushions (option) and dimmable, indirect light sources for a special and cosy ambience
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    The holistic light composition underlines the interplay of the high-contrast surfaces and materials
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    The comfortable additional cushion enables more space in shoulder sector and is standard for all single beds
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    Dethleffs blanket available with Dethleffs Original Accessory
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    Two doors create your individual spa area in your caravan – with lots of elbow room and integrated wardrobe
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Your selection of upholstery

Wood decors

Dachschrnkklappe DakotaEiche3D

Dakota Oak with modern 3D decoration element

Exclusive 760DR Dachschr Castello DakotaEiche web

Dakota Oak with sophisticated, integrated LED illuminatoin (option)

Soft furnishing

ww Polster Fascino web

Real leather Fascino (option)

Exclusiv 760 DR Polster Echtleder Castello web

Real leather Castello (option)

Plus Factors Interior
Grosser Kuehlschrank web

Large fridge/freezer combination (142 l/ 15 l or 175 l/ 31 l)


AirPlus system for ventilation of overhead lockers

Exklusiv Rollo

High-quality Plisee blinds for darkening and protecting the room

Exclusiv Raumbad

Large bathroom with a lot of elbow room (depending on layout)

Exclusiv Grundbeleuchtung

Dimmable basic illumination of caravan to be operated from the entrance area

Beleuchtete Schubladen web

Illuminated drawers with Softclose function

Exclusiv 760ER 4Flammkocher DakotaEiche Lavin

Kitchen expert with powerful 4-flame cooker

DET15 034 Cara Katalog 03 82 D56 Tischfuss web

Steady, height-adjustable table

Beduin 550ER Schuhfach Amaro VirginiaEiche

Practical shoe bin, to be easily accessed from the outside

Camper Scharnier web

Wide-opening Softclose hinge


Perfect sleeping with 7-zone cold foam mattress and climate regulating surface (option)

Plus Factors Exterior
Coupe Einstieg

Come in: insulated Coupé entrance step with extra-wide door (70 cm)


Design rear moulding with framed integral lights


Illuminated LED Chrome stripe under the awning rail

Exklusiv 760DR Deichselabdeckung web

Steady and chic A-frame cover

Nomad 540RE Stauraumklappe RUP8476

Standard access locker door for easy access to the additional storage room


Robust manoeuvring handles and decoration elements in Chrome optic


Practical: mobile waste water tank in gas locker

Kurbelfuehrung Stabilformstuetze web

Insertion aid for crank handle for comfortable use


Perfect protection from freezing: thanks to the inboard waste water tank (option)

Kederleiste Radlauf web

Integrated rail in skirts


Riffled metal floor and space-saving access door, to be opened upwards