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Ice cold calculated: The GENERATION Scandinavia makes winter camping attractive.

The winter caravan with more features than ever.

The Dethleffs special model GENERATION Scandinavia simply gets more out of your next winter holiday; more standard equipment, more comfort, more price advantage. The winter models can certainly compete with higher-priced models, technically, functionally and visually.

The GENERATION Scandinavia models are not only unrivaled in terms of price performance; the new Dethleffs design language makes the all-rounder hard to copy. Discover the turnkey caravans full of cool extras that make active couples and the whole family perfectly happy.

Plus factors

  • XPS insulation, with 34 mm sidewall and 42 mm floor thickness for best insulation even in icy temperatures
  • AirPlus ventilates the overhead lockers and prevents the formation of condensation
  • Premium warm water heater: The floor heating ensures warm feet and even heat distributio
  • Heated and insulated 42 l waste water tank so that nothing freezes – even when the mercury falls below zero
  • Heated water pipes: The water pipes are laid directly on the heating pipes and thus protected against freezing

Ice cold calculated: the inclusive exterior in the GENERATION Scandinavia


With so many features, winter needs to dress up warm. The Dethleffs GENERATION Scandinavia stands out from the competition at first sight. The modern design and the extensive inclusive exterior are unique in this price range. With its standard additional load capacity, high-quality alloy wheels and the 70 cm wide entrance door with Coupé entry, the GENERATION Scandinavia sets new standards in terms of comfort.

  • Premium warm-water heating – ensures even heat Distribution throughout the caravan
  • Premium warm-water Floor heating – ensures warm, comfortable feet
  • Alloy wheels – underline the stylish appearance
  • Spare wheel or breakdown kit – always on board for your safety
  • Additional load capacity – so you can take everything you need and more on vacation
  • Robust corner steadies, including big feet – to ensure the necessary stability
  • Draw bar cover – practical and good looking at the same time
[Translate to International:] The striking rear moulding is normally only found in luxury class vehicles.
[Translate to International:] Whether for bulky camping furniture or heavy purchases – the 70 cm wide entrance door is open for maximum comfort.
[Translate to International:] The smooth sides in White look fresh, is easy to care for and has an especially long service life.
[Translate to International:] Pleasantly low: The Coupé entry makes getting in and out easier for both adults and children.

Wow, there is a lot in there! Lots of extras in the interior included.

Generation 655 RFK DS RosarioCherry Scandi

Believe your eyes – the interior of the GENERATION Scandinavia not only looks very modern, it is even completely included as standard. A clear and highly functional interior concept with new design elements, ambient lighting, roof cabinets with modern décor and a whole lot of comfort. This is ensured by the invisibly integrated interior values of the GENERATION Scandinavia, such as a premium warm-water heating, warm-water underfloor heating, XPS insulation, heated water pipes or the AirPlus rear ventilation.

  • Additional access locker – allows even easier loading
  • Gas pressure regulator with crash sensor – interrupts the gas supply in case of an impact for your safety
  • Third child bunk bed – so everyone has their own sleeping space
  • 7-zone WATERGEL mattress made of climate regulating material – like sleeping on air
  • Flat screen 22" incl. DVD player and receiver – for cozy movie nights.
[Translate to International:] Bundled power in the kitchen: The full cooker is both stove and oven.
[Translate to International:] One for all – premium warmwater heating is installed as standard and ensures pleasant warmth inside the caravan.
[Translate to International:] The ergonomic overhead lockers with transverse wood and bright ledge cater for a cutting edge design in the GENERATION Scandinavia
[Translate to International:] The indirect ambient lighting brings an extra dose of flair on board