Dethleffs celebrates 90th birthday of the caravan with Aero

New design-oriented caravan Aero with extra equipment as an anniversary present - An old acquaintance in a new dress with fresh, modern design and attractive price-performance ratio - Designed for the young and young-at-heart - Many options for entering the caravanning world - Flowing soft shapes and extraordinary interior design - Compact caravan with 5 layouts - Attractive 90 Years Package with comprehensive equipment

Aero90 500QSK Kueche MarylandOak Visby

In 1931, a whip and ski pole manufacturer from the Allgäu invented Germany's first caravan out of love for his wife and because he wanted to have his family with him on long business trips. This anniversary and with it the holiday type of caravanning will be 90 years old next year and is reason enough for the motorhome and caravan manufacturer Dethleffs to celebrate the invention of his company pioneer with a completely new caravan series in model year 2021. The new family member is called Aero, a name that will surely ring a bell with some Dethleffs fans. Because this series of caravans has already existed at Dethleffs. It stands for reliability, solid quality made in Germany and for an unusual modern design language.

The Aero is also following in the footsteps of its predecessors. It is a designoriented, high-quality caravan, which is primarily aimed at a younger, priceconscious caravanning target group, but which in no way wants to do without individual equipment options.

This is one of the Aero's greatest assets, along with its price-performance ratio and exceptional design. This is because impressive design, variance and choice are usually sacrificed in favour of a low price. Not so with it! It is an extraordinary gem that offers a whole range of individualisation in addition to three different upholsteries.

The five models are all popular, some of them slightly modified floor plan classics and designed for travelling couples or families. To mark the anniversary, however, not only are the new Aero models available in proven quality with a new design, but also the particularly comprehensive 90 Years Package on request.

By the way: If you like to go camping in winter you can make the Aero completely winterproof with the Dethleffs special Winter Comfort Package. In addition, an Autonomy Package is available.

Perfectly designed


Even from the outside the Aero impresses with its modern design. This is perfectly rounded off by the extensive Anniversary Package. It includes 17-inch aluminium rims, a smooth white sheet metal outer skin, design elements at the front and rear, a window in the extra-wide body door, an additional Midi Heki, a drawbar cover and corner steadies. All this alone makes it an eye-catcher. However, the caravan unfolds its full beauty in the interior, which has its very own design language. Here, clear, flowing lines meet rounded, soft elements and conjure up a modern, light and airy, very comfortable feeling of space. The bicolour furniture fronts with their contrasting details, which combine the light wood look with white cupboard doors, locker doors and wall decoration elements, bring additional freshness and brightness to the vehicle.

The indirect lighting included in the 90 Years Package immerses the interior of the caravan in a warm, cosy light in the evening hours and creates a cosy atmosphere.

The Aero models

Aero90 500QSK DS MarylandOak Visby

The new Aero is available in five layouts. All caravans are 230 cm wide, have a total length of 634 cm to 751 cm, are single-axle vehicles and therefore perfect travel companions. The Dethleffs designers have concentrated on the favourite models and have added absolute bestsellers to the portfolio of the Aero series. The smallest in the group is the Aero 410 QS, with a transverse double bed in the front and a side seating area and large wardrobe in the rear. The Aero 470 FR is an old acquaintance in the Dethleffs model range and comes up with a double bed and adjacent bathroom with open wash area and a large round seating area in the rear. For families there is the Aero 500 QSK. Here the parents sleep in the double bed in the front and the children in the bunk beds in the rear. Lovers of single beds will love the Aero 510 ER and the slightly larger Aero 520 ER. The models have a permissible total mass of 1,200 to 1,400 kg and can be loaded up to 1,500 or 1,800 kg depending on the layout.