Advantageous: Jubilee promotion Esprit Eighty Eight

2019 marks the 88th Anniversary of Arist Dethleffs‘ invention of the “living car”. The Allgäu-based manufacturer of Motorhomes and Caravans took the Jubilee as an occasion to equip one of its most renowned Motorhomes with a large package of benefits as standard for the 2019 Model Year.

The Jubilee model Esprit Eighty Eight, as low profile or A class, includes many components which usually need to be ordered as package or option. The wide-ranging edition package includes automated air conditioning, cruise control, passenger airbag, LED-daytime running light, panorama skylight, cab door, central locking as well as indirect illumination. Additionally, the package offers a 22” flatscreen includ-ing a SAT system, a bicycle rack for 3 cycles, an awning and the Dethleffs Navi-ceiver with reversing cam.

The Esprit Eighty Eight also trumps with 150 BHP and weight upgrade of 4.5 tons, the alternative interior design including overhead locker doors in ‘Master Gloss Cream’ which are usually at extra charge, alloy wheels and many more details that have been added to the Jubilee Package by Dethleffs. The previous benefits of the Esprit remain of course the same which can be seen in a unique combination of expressive, attractive design and out-standing top-class comfort. This includes year-round usability: Through its Iso-Protect-Plus functional raised floor, all models are not only winter-suited but absolutely winterproof. The Dethleffs Lifetime-Plus construction also guarantees maximum recoverability thanks to rot-proof construction without wood inserts.

Regarding travel comfort and active driving safety, the Esprit boasts with stand-ard AL-KO broad-gauge low platform chassis and a large range of driving assis-tance Systems.