Dethleffs e.home wins German Innovation Award 2018

Has Dethleffs seen into the Future?

Yesterday evening, the ‘German Innovation Award 2018’ was solemnly presented in Berlin. In the course of the event the very first fully-electric motorhome study e.home from Dethleffs was one of four worthy winners in the ‘Transportation’ category, beating over 90 category nominees.

The German Innovation Award honours cross-sectoral products and fresh new innovations, acknowledging Customer-centric design and added value. It says in a declaration of the Design Council that it intends to ‘demonstrate to a broad audience such great achievements, shaping the future as well as improving life’.

Awards entrants must be nominated by a committee of industry experts and scouts of the council. This process ensures the integrity of the award and seeks to reward the crème de la crème.

Thus it was a great honour for Dethleffs to be nominated, representing both the Erwin Hymer Group as well as the Allgau Region of Germany, where Dethleff’s manufacturing plant resides.

Dethleff’s new e.home, with its many technical innovations, has attracted crosssectoral attention and awareness. Dethleffs’ Managing director Alexander Leopold is delighted with this accolade and praises the combined efforts of his team. “Winning this award”, he says, “is testament to our Team’s hard work, dedication and vision.”

One thing is clear. The e.home is something special. This became evident as early as last August at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, where it celebrated its World premiere. No other motorhome that has attracted so much media and visitor interest at the World's biggest caravanning fair.

Hardly a week goes by for the Allgaeuer company without answering a request regarding this unique and extraordinary vehicle! “We’ve received e-mails from North America, Russia, Korea and even Australia and New Zealand”, Anita Lorenscheit from the Dethleffs press office tells us. “‘When it is possible to buy the first production vehicle?’ they ask, and ‘Can we test this for you long-term?!’”

But we will have to wait… First of all, the e.home is and remains a study in which Dethleffs is testing all possibilities of fully-electric use, rather than resorting to hybrid energy supply. In the course of development, the e.home must also keep abreast of the fast-moving technical progress in the years to come.

What is clear for Dethleffs is that electric mobility means more than just putting an electrically-powered chassis under the vehicle body. This is exactly what characterises the vehicle concept e.home. Dethleffs is also addressing the challenge of ‘autarkic’, self-sufficient power generation and incorporating all-new design features and innovations with the ultimate aim of creating a forwardthinking, future-proof class-leading leisure vehicle.

The German Innovation Award is already the second award for the e.home. In January it was voted ‘Bloggers’ Favourite’ by 15 key bloggers and influencers from across Europe at the European Innovation Award 2018.