Dethleffs’ Pulse heralds a new era of design

Dethleffs’ new 2019 Season begins with a completely new range, speaking a new language of design in the mobile travelling. The new Pulse is an up-to-theminute motorhome. For the past 18 months Dethleffs have designed and developed new shapes, new styles and new opportunities. Pulse Low Profile and A Class models are the pioneers of this new Dethleffs design.

Completely revamped on the outside, Pulse boasts a shapely new rear and overcab design! Inside, smart and near-natural illumination lift the spirits immediately. The all-new interior design appeals with shades of nature, soft lines and an overall harmonious feel. Pulse has the space for relaxation and rejuvenation!

The Pulse will be placed between Trend and the Esprit models within the Dethleffs model program. And all those who want to make the Pulse more individual and prefer a more relaxed travelling, they can upgrade the Pulse with the GT (Gran Turismo) package including all the small things which ease the travelling. There’s also a choice of 3 exterior colours: White, Silver or Black.


The Pulse stands for further development of the new Dethleffs-related design language for the interior and exterior. In the interior, the homogeneous transitions and straight lines bring clearness and calmness. Thanks to the reduction of wood décor and new focus on calming, neutral shades of grey and beige the Pulse spreads a friendly flair and creates a natural retreat and relaxation place.

This aesthetic is enhanced further by the gentle curves and sleek, sweeping de-sign of overhead locker architecture. Despite their streamlined design, the lock-ers still provide an abundance of storage space. The interior designers are rightly proud of the innovative Maxi-Flex overhead locker doors with soft opening mechanisms and intuitive operation. A step-free IsoProtect Comfort floor with no trip hazard in the living area was also very important to our designers and builders, in keeping with the interior harmony.

Also for the exterior design of the Pulse there is a very new, and quite charming, design that flows from the new, aerodynamic front to the rounded off, drawn-in rear.

Let there be light

Very particular attention was paid to the interior illumination. Light influences both mood and well-being. It controls the biorhythm and plays an important role in sleeping quality. Sleep and relaxation are significant parts which contribute to the holiday experience. This is the reason why Dethleffs focused on these factors when creating this new range. In designing the new illumination composition in the new Pulse, Dethleffs called on light expert, Gabriele Allendorf. “A harmoni-ous illumination composition grounds the people and gives them the necessary balance in order to gain new strength, the energy and satisfaction.

„Usually, the light in leisure vehicles is there to help for orientation or safety or it has some functional duties. But in addition we were concerned with the topic of light like mood barometer, balance bringer or health factor.” The result is a unique illumination concept consisting of three horizontally located illumination levels in the vehicle. Each of these levels has its own task to fulfil, like functional-ity, well-being and atmosphere, uniting the total concept in a harmonious way.


The Euro 6 engine by Fiat with standard 130 BHP makes the travelling with the new Pulse fast and with the high-quality Pilote seats with height-inclination ad-justment with upholstered arm rests you will have a comfortable seat. Of course, there are all the common safety components you would expect, such as ABS, ESP, ASR, Hill Holder and Hill Descent Control as standard on board. For long lasting and optimum of protection, the rot-free LifeTime Smart conversion tech-nology is installed and the roof and underfloor are protected by strong GRP plates. The base is the low platform chassis with IsoProtect Comfort floor, ena-bling the step-free floor between living area and the cab. The rear garages open easily by one-handed operation. The double bed layouts come with a height-adjustable bed and provide yet more storage space underneath. The double beds have a comfortable width of 160 cm. The single beds variants are available in two heights. All models have a special and comfortable L-shaped lounge for convivial evenings!

The technically authorized total weight is below 3.5 t, even with a 4-persons‘ registration and with no compromise on payload capacities. That means that all Pulse models can be driven with a driving license of Class B and with enough space and spec for 4 people.

This alone gives Pulse a unique position in the market.

The Pulse GT: sporty prominent and individual

If desired, the new Pulse can be upgraded with the Gran Turismo option: Pulse GT. The Gran Turismo package includes various optional extras and design ele-ments that makes the travelling even more comfortable and chic. You can select between equipment lines and exterior designs in White, Silver or Black. Compo-nents such as Alloy wheels, frame windows, leather steering wheel and dash-board with Chrome applications make the GT look extremely sporty and attrac-tive. For a higher level of comfort there are extras like automated cab air condi-tioning, cruise control, large skylight, indirect illumination and on-board control panel in Luxury design. The packages contains everything beloved by mo-torhomers and have a very good price saving!


The Pulse is available in two conversion types. Two layouts – I 7051 DBL and I 7051 EBL – each with front lounge – for A Class models only. The vehicle lengths of the Pulse are from 699 cm (T/I 6551 DBM and T/I 6811 EB) until 740 cm. For choice there are layouts with Queen or Single beds in the rear, all (excluding T/I 6811) incorporate a large bathroom. The width of the Pulse is 233 cm and the internal height 205 cm.

All Low Profile models have the option of a pulldown bed in the front. In the A Class this comes as Standard.