Let’s start the new generation: Dethleffs present new Caravan special edition model range

With the Generation Dethleffs begin a new generation of caravans for the next season. The special edition model range comes with five new layouts that never been existing in the Dethleffs program before and plus three additional caravans that were especially constructed for demand of winter camping – the “Scandina-via” models come with their individual interior and winter-proof equipment, Alde warm water and floor heating. All new models come with the comprehen-sive standard equipment making caravans not only ready-to-travel but also of-fering a very attractive price. Components like the 70 cm wide living door with Coupé entrance, smooth White sidewalls with special applications and a pleas-ant illumination for the interior come standard.

But it is not only the standard equipment that makes the Generation that special but also the design which will turn heads. For the interior the Dethleffs designer went a quite innovative way beyond the existing ranges and showed a complete-ly new furniture optic with a new creation of overhead locker doors. And the result is a caravan with that piece of modernity which stands out of the crowd.

Interior and Exterior

The interior is available in two design variants: each with one furniture décor with matching soft furnishing for the Generation and for Generation Scandinavia with Winter Comfort equipment. The furniture construction is the same for both variants and convinces with the overhead lockers which become narrower downwards. This type of construction makes the interior becoming optically spa-cious without reducing the storage room in the lockers. For Generation the de-signer did without wood décor. The overhead locker doors shine with a modern colour gradient going from light-grey into anthracite. Matching this design there are cushion covers in modern brown with removable grey décor element.

The Generation Scandinavia on the opposite is developed for the colder regions of Europe and equipped with a bright, warm wood décor. The overhead locker door design comes with Chrome elements. The cushions are held in anthracite shade with light-grey surrounding.

The exterior of all Generation models perfectly completes the Dethleffs model program and convince with a trendy design rear moulding including integral lights as well as an optically pleasant application design. Standard are smooth White sides, alloy wheels, A-frame cover, manoeuvring handles in Chrome optic, a skylight with a crank handle as well as the already mentioned Coupé entrance, 70 cm wide living door, indirect ambience illumination and for Generation mod-els a Truma Combi 4 heating.

The three layouts of the Generation Scandinavia had a focus of winterisation and that is the reason why they come standard with XPS insulation, inboard waste water tank, heated and insulated waste water pipe, Alde warm water heating and a warm water floor heating. Consequently, they are perfectly equipped for all-year usage and all regions.


The Generation is available in five layouts with a width of 230 cm and a length from 570 to 630 cm. The technically authorized total weight is 1.800 kg. The three layouts of Generation Scandinavia version are 250 cm wide and have a length of 650 to 765 cm for ensuring space for all members of the family. The total weight is 2 tones for the smallest and the two longer models come with 2.5 t. All new layouts have one common feature – they are very new in the Dethleffs model range. They vary in length or room layout and make the complete Gener-ation Special edition models very unusual.

“For sure, we have not invented eve-rything, as some of available layouts are to fine somewhere in our program, but with other dimensions or in other variants.” – explains Benjamin Schaden, Seg-ment Manager for Dethleffs caravans. “For us it was important to create some-thing completely new. Not only a new range with different design but also lay-outs which are not available in our existing ranges. We want to present a com-pletely new vehicle to our customers that stands for a new option and not in competition to our previous model program. In spite all that we remained true to ourselves and offer layouts for couples and families.”

As Dethleffs focus on a small selection of layout and all vehicles are offered with a comprehensive equipment variants and designs, the special edition range can be offered fully equipped for a very attractive price.