The multi-awardwinning ultra-light Coco begins caravan batch production

Finally the time has come: the mostly awarded caravan innovation that was launched at the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf last year now comes into batch production!

For the very first start Dethleffs decided to equip the first 100 “Coco Lounge” caravans with the additional LoungeUp! package that is full of attractive options. It consists of a light-weight chassis with an weight upgrade to 1.100 kg for extra holiday luggage, a large skyroof including two skylights, as well as an impressive front window giving a feeling of being outside. In addition there is a window in the bathroom and homely, indirect mood lighting is also part of the package. The Coco Lounge is available with “Waterfall” soft furnishing design that consists of different blue shades that perfectly completes the bright and friendly interior design.

The layout with a lounge in the rear has a width of 220 cm and a total length of 589 cm. The mass in running order is just 733 kgs and even the drivers with the Class B driving license can tow the Coco with a small car.

Exterior design

The new exterior shape of the Coco has not only that special eye-catching char-acter but also offers multi-functional use. The rounded rear is not only modern and but also delivers stability and robustness of the vehicle.

By having a rounded connection of sidewall and the rear a sun canopy can be inserted not only on the caravan’s side but also across the complete rear. In do-ing so there will be a terrace of almost 25 m2 and offers much flexibility. This sun canopy and a handy luggage pocket are fastened at the front of the vehicle and have many pockets and storage compartments. This can be ordered via Dethleffs’ spare parts department.

Interior design

In the interior of the Coco offers the most innovative and light furniture con-struction. The inner room is presented in a “Loft” character. All components of the caravan such as kitchen, the rear lounge, the small snack bar are multi-functional. Consequently the seat chest enlargement and the side cushions of the Coco Lounge ensure an area of 200 x 155 cm. Here is enough space for par-ents a small child. In the extension element you can store laundry, so very space-saving! The cushions of the lounge consist of a special cold foam mattress, en-suring a restful and comfortable sleep. These are lighter than the usual foam materials and so the vehicle weight can benefit from this fact. Light and cosy seat cushions can be used for seating outside and inside. For the small breakfast or snack break there is also a small extendable bistro table with space-saving, extendable seat elements. The table can be shifted or removed for usage in the kitchen.

The kitchen incorporates a two-flame cooker and a sink with fresh water canister underneath. Two 5 kg gas bottles are located under the kitchen unit and can be easily accessed from the outside. The sink and the cooker are equipped with covers. When the kitchen is not in use it can be repurposed as a sideboard.

Next to kitchen there is a space-saving bathroom located in the corner of the caravan, equipped with a harmonious and shapely door. The bathroom is equipped with a cassette toilet as well as a modern, fold-away washbowl with indirect illumination and plenty of handy storage compartments. Next to the bathroom there are – thanks to the LoungUp! Package – a 142 l slim tower ab-sorber fridge, as well as additional storage boxes and a large wardrobe.

The Coco concept

For several years a team of light-weight experts were developing the Coco in a new Caravan Competence Centre of the Erwin Hymer Group. Clear target: all components of the vehicle had to pay into three accounts: weight, function or multi-using and the design. The result is a caravan which opens new paths for Dethleffs, the original inventor of the Caravan. Every detail was put on the scale and Coco was the result, with its multi-functionality, light weight and outstand-ing design. The weight was controlled by looking and composing the most effec-tive solutions in caravan light-weight production.

This revolutionary construction idea is based on the optimum interaction of sin-gle components of chassis to floor and at the end the sidewall construction of the Coco as well as the structure optimisation. Its outstanding and bionic design principally comes from the constant tension and creates a symbiosis of lightness and robustness.

The name of this trendy light-weight came from the English words “cocoon” – in German “Kokon” and “comely” – meaning beautiful and enticing: So come on into your new home, close the doors and just feel relaxed!