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Dethleffs E-Connect Basic Package incl. E-Level and E-Volt

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The E-Trailer app enables you to call up a lot of information about your caravan or mobile home conveniently on your smartphone. Monitor your tyre pressure, the correct alignment of your caravan or mobile home, the drawbar load and much more ... The heart of the E-Trailer system is known as E-Connect. It receives data and sends it to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. You can add modules of your choice to the E-Trailer system. Enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday with the E-Trailer products. In short: Chose the right module and travel in safety and comfort.


Are you tired of constantly having to walk back and forth to level your caravan or mobile home? Level your caravan or mobile home quickly and easily with E-Level! Levelling aids are now a thing of the past – all you need is your smartphone! With the E-Level, you can level your caravan or mobile home horizontally as soon as you've entered the camping site. You then only have to rotate the crank on the stabiliser wheel. The app will tell you as soon as your caravan or mobile home is perfectly levelled. E-Level – quick, simple, precise


Isn't it annoying when you're on a journey and the battery is suddenly flat. With E-Volt, you can avoid being unexpectedly stuck without power. Simply install the E-Trailer app on your smartphone. E-Volt enables you to keep a constant eye on your battery charge. You get a message when the charge is low. Enjoy a relaxing holiday – with E-Volt.

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