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Winter Comfort Packages Motorhomes

Winter and weatherproof

Thanks to our Winter Comfort Packages, even our motorhomes without a double floor can be made fully winterproof. Depending on your personal preferences and comfort requirements, these packages can be combined with an electric warm-air or premium warm-water heating system. Our premium warm-water heating system creates a cosy atmosphere, just like at home – it also operates without fans and is therefore ideal for allergy sufferers. Both packages can also be expanded to include luxury equipment, such as floor heating and an additional 95Ah battery.

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Advantages of our Winter Comfort Packages:

  • Electric cartridge – this allows the warm-air heating to operate without the use of gas bottles, i.e. via pure electric operation. However, operation via gas bottles is still possible.
  • Insulated wastewater tank – since the wastewater tanks are located below the vehicle, the insulation provides optimum protection against cold and frost and ensures reduced power dissipation when the tank is heated. The fresh water tank is located inside the vehicle and is thus generally protected against the Cold.
  • Insulated underfloor pipes are protected against the cold and frost, ensuring an unobstructed and even flow of water.
  • Electrically heated wastewater tanks and pipes – for optimum protection against the cold and frost. The water can be easily drained from the vehicle by electrically heating the wastewater pipes and the wastewater tank. Tank heating alone is not sufficient for this.
  • Water pump switch – this manual control prevents the pump from running dry.
  • XPS – thicker foam for superior wall and roof insulation.
  • Floor heating – this provides maximum well-being and ensures your feet are always pleasantly warm.
  • Additional battery – due to the increased demand for electrical energy in winter, an additional battery makes sense.
  • Cab carpet – the carpet in the cab provides additional insulation and creates an even greater sense of well-being and comfort when driving.