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Dethleffs indoor climate systems

For a feel-good atmosphere – even in winter

AirPlus overhead locker ventilation
Wherever warm air cools quickly, moisture is generated – in a caravan, this primarily occurs on the exterior walls during very cold weather. Our AirPlus system provides rear ventilation for the overhead lockers, which improves the air circulation in the room and prevents the build-up of condensation from the outset. The result is healthy interior air without mould formation or mould spots.

First-class insulation values
The better insulated your vehicle is, the lower your energy costs for heating or air conditioning will be. The living area inside your Dethleffs caravan is constructed using extra chunky sandwich elements, including 34mm-thick walls and a 42mmthick floor – above-average values that guarantee first-class insulation.

Enjoy the perfect indoor climate with premium warm-water heating
Our premium warm-water heating ensures even and comfortable heat distribution throughout the vehicle. As a fanless system it is ideal for allergy sufferers. Combined with the optional floor heating, it creates an optimal living climate, even for bare feet.

The Winterproof Endurance Test

For a feel-good atmosphere – even in winter

Swedish winters can be very cold. Especially in the cold chamber of our Swedish supplier for caravan warm-water heaters. This was where we chose to put one of our winterproof caravans from the Allgäu through its paces. We subjected a Dethleffs Caravan equipped with our Winter Comfort Package to a real endurance test at -30°C – watched live by Scandinavian and German journalists.

Let the test begin:

For the test in accordance with DIN EN 1645-1, the vehicle is cooled down to -15°C. Subsequently, the temperature in the interior must have reached a pleasant 20°C after 4 hours. Our hardy caravan from the Allgäu not only reached +20°C in just 2.5 hours, but also passed the Dethleffs endurance test at a canter – with the outdoor thermometer showing a frosty -30°C. And inside? Cosily pleasant temperatures and satisfied faces on the technicians and journalists.

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Suitable for winter use – or fully winterproof?

”Suitable for winter use“ means that, at an outside temperature of 0°C, the vehicle’s interior can be permanently heated to 20°C. This is the case for all production vehicles from Dethleffs. For most manufacturers, “winterproof” describes a vehicle that complies with inspection level 3 of the DIN EN 1645-1 standard. This stipulates that it must be possible to heat a completely cold vehicle from -15°C to +20°C in just four hours.

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