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Answers concerning the current situation

Dear Dethleffs clients,

so suddenly everything can be different. Nobody would have believed six weeks ago that almost our entire private and working life would come to a standstill due to a virus. Things have happened that we never thought were possible on this scale. It has rarely been so important that we all stick together and act in concert now.

We are all in the same boat and have to take care of each other - even if that means limiting ourselves very much in our private and working lives. Don't forget that we do this for several good reasons: to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our fellow human beings, to give the spread of the coronavirus as few chances as possible, and ultimately to regain our freedom.

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Such an unprecedented situation requires special measures, which Dethleffs also had to take. The highest priority is the protection of our employees, because health is one of the highest goods we have and we will not endanger it at any price. Therefore, the production has been stopped until Easter Monday.

Surely, you have many questions about how things will continue this year. No matter if you already drive a Dethleffs vehicle, if you have bought a new vehicle, if you have ordered one or if you are one of our interested parties - we are still here for you! 
In these times, all Dethleffs employees show an extremely strong team spirit in order to support you in the current situation with advice and action according to the best possibilities.

Below you will find our answers to frequently asked questions regarding the coronavirus. We make every effort to keep all information on this page as up-to-date as possible. Please understand if you cannot find up-to-date information here because of the daily changing situation. If your question are not answere here, please feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call.

We wish you and your families much strength and health. Let us look ahead together and get through this dramatic time together!

FAQs about the coronavirus

+ What measures does Dethleffs take with regards to the coronavirus?

We have been adhering very strictly to the generally known hygiene rules for weeks now and follow all instructions from our medical offier. In terms of organisation and foresight, we have already been preparing ourselves for the situation, which was previously unknown to all of us, in the best possible way since the beginning of March and have set up a special corona task force for this purpose. New regulations, risk areas and protective measures are dealt with on a daily basis.

Every employee who has been in a risk region or who has had contact with a corona patient must stay in domestic quarantine for 14 days. Employees who have symptoms such as a scratchy throat, a cold, aching limbs or even fever are not allowed to come to work. In the administration department, we have sent employees to the home office - as far as the job allows. Our travel activities stopped.

Access to the company by external visitors or partners has been greatly reduced and regulated.

Suppliers and trucks are subject to strict precautions before plant access is possible.

Since April 14th our production lines have been running again. The closing time was used to implement hygiene measures
in all departments as well as an online trainings of all employees to ensure a smooth production start.

+ Will there be production bottlenecks or even a production stop?

Yes, to protect our employees and also due to the effects of the corona crisis on suppliers and logistics chains, we have ceased production of our vehicles in Isny until Easter. Since April 14th our production lines have been running again. We have decided to take this step because, on the one hand, we feel responsible for the health of our workers and, in view of the decisions of the federal and state governments, we want to do our part to avoid any risk. On the other hand, we must of course ensure the planning reliability of our production.

+ I ordered a vehicle - can the delivery date be kept?

Unfortunately, due to the disrupted supply chains and the current situation, there may actually be delays in delivery, for which we are very sorry. However, we will of course do our utmost to keep these delays as short as possible. But here, too: the health of our employees comes first. If you have any questions about delivery dates, please contact your dealer directly. But also here a big request from us: Like all companies, our trading partners may only act within the scope of the permissible measures. This means that there may be delays in answering your questions. If your expected delivery date is not until May, we would ask you to wait and see how the situation develops and our trading partners may be able to resume (full) operations.

+ Are all departments at Dethleffs closed until Easter?

All production lines and all departments involved in production are affected by the closure. The exhibition centre will also be closed. The service centre for dealers and customers will remain open for you with an emergency operation. Please note that there may be delays in answering e-mails, as we are working with a reduced team only. All employees will do their best to help you.

+ How can I find out when my vehicle will be delivered?

You will receive a message from your trade partner. Please wait for it, even it it is difficult.

+ The water ingress check for my vehicle is pending, but I cannot have it done. What can I do?

In order to receive the 6-year Dethleffs tightness guarantee, annual tightness inspections are mandatory and subject to a fee. These can be carried out by a Dethleffs dealer within a period of + /- 6 months to the anniversary of the first registration or the date of acceptance (see also warranty date under point 2 in the manufacturer's warranty). Should the current situation not have improved by July, Dethleffs will take extensive measures to ensure that your guarantee will continue to be valid. In this case you will be informed.

+ Is the workshop still open in Isny?

Yes, the workshop is still open and we are there for you with the whole team, as usual. Attention: Please contact the service center before you come to us! The colleagues there will then decide whether you are allowed to drive to the shop (crisis area check).

+ Are there still factory tours taking place?

No. Due to the current situation, we have ceased them for the time being. We will inform you on our homepage as soon as you can make appointments with us again. Please understand that we cannot give any detailed information at the moment.

+ Is the exhibition centre still open regularly?

Yes. Our exhibition center was reopened by Monday, April 20th, 2020.

+ Will the CSD show in Düsseldorf take place as usual?

At the moment we are not aware of anything else. Nor is this a decision that will be made by us, but by the fair in Düsseldorf. At the moment all manufacturers assume that it will take place during the planned dates.

+ At which fairs is Dethleffs represented this year?

The exhibition season will start in August. We cannot give information now due to the current situation.

+ I have a different question - how can I contact Dethleffs?

Please contact us under

Our Facebook and Instagram teams are also doing their best to help you on social media.
We hope this information was helpful. If you need further information, please contact us.
Stay safe and healthy,

Your Dethleffs team