CAMPER - Real holiday love

With its extensive standard equipment, abundant storage room and a wide range of bunk bed layouts, the Camper is the ideal caravan for all those of you who love adventure. The standard safety equipment enables carefree travelling comfort. Modern safety components include: high-quality branded chassis, axle shock absorber and stabiliser. Self-adjusting Premium Brake is installed from the start for shorter braking distance and is a real plus factor on safety.

Cooking, Living, Sleeping, Bathroom
  • Practical, yet stylish kitchen with large drawers and apothecary pull-out for bottles
  • We are a friend of the family! Camper ranges offer a wide selection of bunk bed layouts. A third bunk bed is optionally available on most models
    550 ESK | Catania
  • The practical one-leg telescopic table provides a lot of leg room in the lounge. Converting to a sleeping area is quick and easy
    540 QMK | Cosmo
  • The comfortable single beds can be converted to a huge double bed, if desired (option
    550 ESK | Catania
  • Big families watch out! Instead of the seating lounge you can opt for two bunk beds
    730 FKR | Bolivia
  • Two bunk beds are not sufficient? You can opt for a third bunk bed
    [Translate to International:] 540 QMK | Cosmo
  • The Camper offers a lot of elbow room in its bathroom – for washing and dressing
    540 QMK | Cosmo
  • Next to the large bed there is the spa area: a toilet room with shower as the alternative variant of the bathroom (option)
    730 FKR | Bolivia

Your selection of soft furnishings

Wood decors

Rosario Cherry

Soft furnishing




Plus factors

Plus factors Interior

Large 142 l fridge, thereof 15 l freezer compartment (depending on layout)

3-flame cooker with electrical ignition

Gourmet kitchen with practical apothecary pull-out

Standard warm water supply

AirPlus for ventilation of overhead lockers

Flexible placement of spots and USB ports

Large Panorama skylight with LED illumination

Telescopic one-leg table for much space

Perfect sleeping comfort thanks to the SleepWell system

Practical chest in entrance area (depening on layout)

Option: additional bunk beds (2 pc.) instead of the lounge in 730 FKR

Plus factors Exterior

Opening window with blind and flyscreen

One-piece living door with flyscreen

Riffled metal floor and space-saving access door, to be opened upwards

Repair-friendly, multi-piece rear

Power-saving LED awning light

Robust GRP roof for protection from hail and branches

Large rear garage thanks to the fold-away bunk bed (depending on layout)

Big Foots for secure position on every ground (option)

Insertion aid for crank handle for comfortable use

Integrated rail in skirts

Practical: mobile waste water tank in gas locker

Standard access locker door for easy entrance to additional storage space