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Newsletter- Want to learn more about caravanning and Dethleffs?
Newsletter- Want to learn more about caravanning and Dethleffs?
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Welcome to the winter specialist!
Dethleffs Brochures & Downloads
Dethleffs Brochures & Downloads
Globevan Trail - Striking looks. Practical equipment.
Globevan Trail - Striking looks. Practical equipment.
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Find a dealer

Dethleffs Plus factors

Winter camping for everybody!
Experience winter camping in a new light – with winterised vehicle technology from Dethleffs, the winter specialists.

The Dethleffs Lifetime Plus body construction is a sign of quality that stands for maximum durability. This innovative design combines an absolutely rot-proof wall construction with modern insights to create a healthy indoor climate.

Sleep like at home
Dethleffs equip their motorhomes with 7-zone mattresses made of climate-regulating material. Developed in Switzerland, this innovative hightech material is considered a milestone in foam technology with unique advantages.

Safety all-round!
Your safety is of utmost importance to us and that is why we use reliable, branded vehicle components, trusted for many years. The optional Dethleffs safety packages go even further.

More cooking fun
When cooking you do not need to compromise while being away from home. The Gourmet kitchens come with all the required appliances you need for cooking delicious meals.

Ergonomic seat comfort 
Being on the road for hours can stress your back, and that is the reason why we attach a great importance to ergonomic and comfortable seats. Dethleffs therefore employs Captain Chair Pilote seats for driver and front passenger with excellent ergonomic properties

Healthy indoor climate
With the AirPlus system we ensure that the overhead lockers are ventilated and so an air circulation in the room will avoid the condensation. The result: Healthy room air without mould formation or mould spots.

Dog-on-Board Package
The Dog-on-Board Package is not only safe and practical, but will also excite your darling!