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Healty indoor climate

air plus final

When the warm air quickly cools down the moisture is the result – in the motorhome it is always on the exterior wall when it is very cold outside. With the AirPlus system we ensure that the overhead lockers are ventilated and so an air circulation in the room will avoid the condensation. The result: Healthy room air without mould formation or mould spots.

Forced ventilation in the vehicle is required by law to prevent an excessive CO2 level in the living area. The Dethleffs engineers measure each model individually to determine the ideal number and distribution. This is more complex than a general calculation, but it guarantees an optimum balance between forced fresh air and CO2 concentration.

The textiles used in the living room and wood paneling on the roof and side panels are breathable and so can balance the fluctuating moisture density of the air inside, without harmful condensation forming.