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LifetimePlus Aufriss Advant

For more than 85 years we have been building recreational vehicles. When it comes to design and technical refinements, the Dethleffs design engineers lead the field. It is no coincidence that we were one of the first manufacturers to give a 6-year water ingress guarantee on the quality of its body construction.

Today the Dethleffs Lifetime Plus body construction in many models is a sign of quality that stands for maximum durability. This innovative design combines an absolutely rot-proof wall construction with modern insights to create a healthy indoor climate: 

  • Walls, roof and floor are constructed entirely without cold spots or wood inserts. Instead, rigid polyurethane struts ensure a high torsional stiffness.
  • Strong GRP panels (glass-fiber reinforced plastic) on the roof and floor protect against damage from outside from hail, stones, salt water, etc.
  • An extra thick layer of high density, hydrophobic, i.e. waterrepellent XPS foam ensures excellent insulation properties.
  • No material is better suited for impact sound insulation than plywood. And even while driving, a lower noise level can be achieved. Also, the possibility of installing underfloor heating is ensured. 

Engineering skills from Germany

Dethleffs quality is based on many ideas, both big and small. Here are some examples:

Cold spots? Not with us!
Wall, roof and floor elements are connected to each other at Dethleffs without the use of continuous metal profiles. This prevents the formation of metallic cold spots in the interior – without additional insulation – which cause condensation and unnecessary heat loss.

Torsionally stiff thanks to dowel Technology
In order to achieve optimum torsional stiffness of the structure, we connect the side walls and floor panel with polyurethane plugs as thick as your finger. In this way, shearing forces are completely eliminated even under extreme loads.

Water drainage
As part of a clever water management system, rain water from the roof is directed through predefined channels (e.g. embedded in the fiberglass hood) towards the rear and the windscreen. In this way the driver is spared from an unintentional shower when getting into the vehicle (depending on model).

Water management concept
With almost every Dethleffs model. This water management concept specifies that the hose pipes can only be interrupted at these distribution points. This means that connectors in the hoses which are mostly to leak do not exist. And when it comes to a leakage it will be much easier to locate and to repair it because the distribution points are easily accessible.


Icon Lifetime Smart

Our Globebus, Trend (T / I) and Pulse ranges come with the rot-proof Lifetime Smart floor construction. PU struts are also used here instead of wood, and with thick GRP panels to protect from damage!