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Dethleffs awarded “German Fairness Prize” yet again

Deutscher Fairness Preis 2018 Alexander Leopold Dethleffs 23102018

For the second year in a row, the Allgäu-based manufacturer has been voted the “fairest” company in the industry – of all motorhome manufacturers, Dethleffs has come out on top once again in the initiative run by the news channel n-tv and the German Institute for Service Quality.

As the overall winner in the “Motorhome Manufacturers” category, the Isny-based company Dethleffs was awarded the “German Fairness Prize 2018” in Berlin yesterday for the second year in a row. “It’s one thing to achieve a high standard, but quite another to maintain it,” says Dethleffs’ Managing Director Alexander Leopold, who accepted the award at the Bertelsmann Representative Offices in Berlin.

“We were already incredibly proud when we were awarded this prize for the first time last year, because it reflects our commitment to being a friend of the family. We are all the more delighted that we’ve managed to show our customers that our efforts are not just temporary, but permanent. True friends are loyal, reliable and fair, which is precisely what we want to be for our customers. Receiving this award yet again underlines that,” Leopold is pleased to say.

“In particular, we are indebted to all of our staff and trading partners for the incredible job they have done in recent years, and all credit goes to them.”

This is the fifth time that the German Fairness Prize has been jointly awarded by the news channel n-tv and the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ). An extensive survey of German consumers provides the basis for this award. Some 50,000 consumers were asked for their opinion about 547 companies and to assess how fairly these companies treat their customers. Does the company offer fair prices that ensure value for money? Does it provide information about product features, contractual services and pricing? And is the company reliable – both in terms of the reliability of its products and services, as well as its response to problems and complaints?

In a total of 46 categories, awards were given to the two to three “fairest” companies in the view of consumers. The Allgäu-based manufacturer of leisure vehicles was one of the award winners of the evening and was voted into 1st place as the overall winner among motorhome manufacturers, whilst also coming out on top in the individual categories of “Value for money” and “Reliability”. “The thing that all the award winners share in common is that they treat their customers extremely fairly and set standards in their industry,” explains Hans Demmel, Managing Director of n-tv. “The German Fairness Prize therefore raises awareness and serves as a vital guide for all consumers.”