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Winterised Vehicle Technology Motorhomes

Our heating systems - Effective and powerful

Warm-water heating
Due to their design, warm-water heaters work slower than warm-air heaters, however their advantage is that the heat is emitted more evenly. Since the convectors also transfer their heat to the furniture and the side walls, there is a pleasant radiating effect that creates a feel-good atmosphere, just like at home. And because they work without fans, they don’t stir up dust or pollen – ideal for allergy sufferers. In addition, they are equipped with an automatic drain valve and shut-off valve for the bedroom. Optionally, they can also be operated via smartphone.

Warm-air heating

Combi 6 warm-air heaters deliver 50% more heat output than a weaker Combi 4 heater. Which is why we install at least one Combi 6 warm-air heating system in every Dethleffs motorhome as standard. This particularly light and compact Combi heater ensures pleasant temperatures in our motorhomes and combines two functions in one device: heating and hot water. Inside the heater there is a ten-litre stainless steel water tank, which is also heated in winter. The water heats up more evenly and quickly thanks to the asymmetrical shape of the stainless steel container. In the summer, you can select hot water only without heating. Furthermore, our warm-air heating system is characterised by extremely low energy consumption.

Your advantages when the mercury falls below zero!*

  • Warm-water** or warm-air heating
  • Good ventilation and highly breathable materials
  • The sleeping area can be separated from the heating circuit for maximum comfort.

* some components are part of the optional Winter Comfort Packages
** Warm-water heating

Dethleffs Lifetime-Technologie - Equipped for all weathers

The Allgäu is the home of harsh winters – and our home since 1931! When developing our vehicles, we take great care to ensure all areas can always be heated, including the cab, entrance area, garages, double floor and, of course, the entire living room as well as the bathroom. Traditionally, we build extremely robust, winter-ready motorhomes, taking care to ensure that even salt and snow cannot harm our Lifetime-Plus bodywork:

  • The walls, roof and floor are completely free from cold spots and wood inserts. Instead, rigid polyurethane struts ensure a high degree of torsion resistance.
  • Thick GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) sheets on the roof and subfloor offer protection against exterior damage due to hail, stone impacts, saltwater, etc.
  • A particularly thick layer of high-density, hydrophobic (water-repellant) XPS foam ensures excellent insulation values.
  • The wood panelling on the interior wall of the living room has a moisturebalancing and sound-insulating effect (side walls/roof: 3mm, floor: 6mm)
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